6th December 2021 05:06
Started a Pippenhall Members only Facebook group, I think it would be quick & easy to share information. At the moment I am the admin, but I am more than happy to add more.
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Allotment progress for 2015 in pictures.

  • ek
  • Jan. 27, 2016, 10:33 a.m.

We got our allotment in 2015, I try to take pictures every time we go there. This is a post to show progress from the empty plot it was to what it ended up like at the end of the year.

22 August 2015

29 August 2015

8 September 2015

13 September 2015

Some inherited soft fruits.

Got the petrol strimmer trough the grass. 

26 September 2015

Everyone has to help.

Nothing like a spot of planting seeds.

11 October 2015

Some radishes the kiddies planted.

 On the left is some white mustard aka green manure and on the right is just little things like radishes. 

18 October 2015

Need some new beds for onions.

25 October 2015

Need a bed for some herbs and random little plants, my son is ready for the show :P

29 November 2015

Bought some raspberry bushes since the kids really enjoy them and they are easy to grow here.

This is the onion sets in the bed next to the raspberries.

Garlic is up and needs some weeding.

20 December 2015

Smallest radish in the world, but they've grown it.

Onions looking good.

Does not matter how long the visit is, there needs to be hole dug :P

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