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Started a Pippenhall Members only Facebook group, I think it would be quick & easy to share information. At the moment I am the admin, but I am more than happy to add more.
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Green tomato chutney

  • ek
  • Oct. 5, 2015, 5:37 p.m.

The lovely people from 5B hve given us 2kgs of green tomatoes that has not been hit by blight. The only thing you can really do with them is make some chutney.

Here is how I've made mine;

Wash and clean the tomates 

Dice the tomatoes with one white and one red onion and a couple of garlic cloves chopped up. Give this mixture a table spoon full of fine salt and let it stand over night.

Letting it stand over night with the salt draws out a lot of the liquid from the mixture.

Start cooking the sugar and vinegar 

Chop some raisins and dates

Add the raisins, dates and tomato mixture to the vinegar and sugar and cook for about 2 hours

Sterilise bottles by baking them in the oven at a low temperature for 20mins

Bottle the chutney as soon as the bottles come out of the oven. I've also added some clingfilm over to give it a better seal.

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